We started with a mission to provide fresh quality spices to the bulk buyers for providing it further to food service facilities/industry and that mission is still true today, more than a decade later.

Here at the Nahar Organics mainly a Spice Company, “Fresher Spices and Better Prices” is more than a company slogan, it lives at the very heart of our business building team mates. To keep this moto alive Nahar promised to herself never to stock any raw or processed material for more than 30 days in warehouse. Freshness of the spices can not be provided if stocked for longer duration.

This became one of our guiding principles centering on cultivation, sourcing and processing of raw material from mean sea level to upto 6500Ft above the mean sea level on foothills as well the heights of Great Himalayan Mountain.

Nahar is completely engrossed in cultivation and production of not only spices but many herbs, essential oils and many more products. Over period of time we changed our methodology of working for betterment what didn’t change was the commitment to our customers. Not a day goes by without one of us asking “How can we do this better?”

Nahar is located in North East India “the land of enormous potential” and area of operation is not only in North Eastern state but rest of the country too.