Quality to us is an everlasting bond with our customers. We tend to keep the quality certainness of both our organic as well as conventional products. Various steps are taken to prevent commingling of organic and conventional products. For both organic and conventional product visual farming spot inspection is done regularly to avoid insect damages. Also, the crops are monitored in the warehouses at all levels, vital crops are only allotted to cold storages. Clean dresses are allotted to every worker, clean equipments are used, regular vacuum cleaning is observed. Only dedicated vehicles are used for moving the crops from farm to warehouse. To uphold hygiene vehicles are washed in regular basis. New jute bag, new HDPE bags, new food grade PP bags and steel containers are use for packing finished products. Also, inspection is done again before final packing to avoid presence of any foreign material. We are proud to maintain the purity of Northeast India in our products.