Galangal is botanically classified as Alpinia officinarum and is known in Eastern Asia as Galanga, kah, Laos root and Garingal. It is a tropical, herbaceous plant and a member of the ginger family, cultivated primarily for its rhizome or root.

Galangal is most often associated with Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian cuisine and food culture. In India, oil is extracted from the rhizome and is valued for use in perfumes. In Russia, Galangal is used to flavor vinegar and is used in the liqueur ‘nastoika’.

Galangal root is used primarily in Asian cooking, lightly crushed or pounded as an aromatic to add earthy flavor to broths and soups. If substituting for ginger, use a smaller amount as Galangal is spicier, with brighter citrus notes.

Galangal is an aromatic stimulant and carminative. Its stomach soothing properties make it a suitable aid for nausea. It possesses tonic and antibacterial qualities which make it a useful ingredient in homeopathic remedies .

Available grades

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1. Alpenia Galangal Root Slice Dried
2. Alpenia Galangal Root Dried